Sutton Castle, Howth, Ireland

Set List of Show:

Songs Performed:

  • "Tutti Frutti"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen with Paul Brady:


The Edge, Adam and Larry join Paul Brady for a jam at Bono’s wedding reception.

Show Details:

Bono and Ali were married at All Saints Church in Raheny.

Bono and Ali had their wedding reception at Sutton Castle, in Dublin. The mansion house is located on the southern side of Howth Head, overlooking Dublin Bay. A party was thrown afterwards for the newlyweds, which included a band called The Cyclones. Irish musician, Paul Brady was in attendance, and he joined the other members of U2 for a performance of “Tutti Frutti”.

Musician magazine shared, “Bono and Ali were married last August, and as we head for Sutton Castle to eat dinner, they tell me about the raucous reception they held there, during which, of course, the band commandeered instruments from the hired help, climbed on a table and assisted local folkie-turned-rocker Paul Brady in playing “Tutti Frutti.”

Reports say that the reception manages to knock out power to the mansion, in use as a hotel, and Bono and Ali spend the night at the hotel in darkness. The honeymoon would take Bono and Ali to Chris Blackwell’s Goldeneye estate in Jamaica.

Note on date: For many years the accepted date for the wedding was August 21, 1982, which was a Saturday. Celebrations around the 40th anniversary revealed that the date was August 31, 1982 instead. This is the date Eve Hewson wished her parents a Happy Anniversary, the date included in Bono’s memoir Surrender, and is the date Bono referenced from stage on August 31, 2018.

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