The Groucho Club, London, England

Set List of Show:

Performed by Bono:

  • "Sugar Daddy"
  • "Sexbomb"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by Bono:


Bono performs at The Groucho Club with Jools Holland and Tom Jones.

Show Details:

U2 were in London for Guggi’s show at the Osborne Samuel Gallery. After the show, Guggi and the gang moved on to the exclusive Groucho Club where they had dinner for 30 in a private dinner room, booked by Paul McGuinness. The entourage from Ireland included Adam Clayton, The Edge, Bono, Ali Hewson, Gavin Friday, Caroline Corr, Simon Carmody, Paul McGuinness and others.

While at the bar after dinner, there was a power outage and Bono, Tom Jones and Jools Holland took to the piano in the club to entertain the guests waiting out the power interruption. One of the songs that Jones sings is “Sugar Daddy” a song that he’s been working on with Simon Carmody and Bono, which he will record for his 2008 album 24 Hours. Bono also joins in on a rendition of Tom’s song “Sex Bomb” performed by candlelight, which is also unreleased at this point.

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