National Statuary Hall, Washington, DC, USA

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  • "All You Need is Love"

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Bono attends the memorial service for US House of Representatives member, Tom Lantos. He sings a brief version of “All You Need is Love”.

Show Details:

Bono attends, and eulogizes congressman Rep. Tom Lantos at a televised ceremony in Washington DC. The ceremony is held in the National Statuary Hall, part of the United States Capitol building. Lantos was the only holocaust survivor to serve in congress, and had been proud of his Hungarian heritage. Introducing the song, Bono shared, “Tom, it’s Valentines day, so I want to sing for you, to her”, dedicating the song to the wife of Lantos. He also shares that the song is, “In the words of the famous Hungarian folk singer, Jahn von Lennon”. Bono then proceeds to sing “Love is All You Need” at the microphone without accompaniment. Bono will perform the verse again later in the day at a Product (RED) auction he is hosting in New York City.

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