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Bono calls into the Colm and Jim-Jim show on RTE and sings one of their advertising jingles.

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There was a surprise caller on RTÉ 2fm’s morning show, “The Colm and Jim-Jim Breakfast Show” hosted by Colm Hayes and Jim-Jim Nugent. Bono called into the program to defend his voice after the hosts had a discussion about whether or not Bono would be able to sing his part of Clannad’s “In A Lifetime” in the present day. Bono heard the discussion while in the car, dropping off his daughter at school. He called in upon returning to home, to share he felt he 100% could hit those notes today, sharing, “You know my da used to say to me, he used to say to me ‘you know your problem son, your a baritone who thinks he is a tenor’. Then to prove his point, Bono launched into singing an advertising jingle used for the Breakfast show, “Colm Jim-Jim’s, Colm Jim-Jim’s, The Breakfast Shoe, Colm Jim-Jim’s, Oh My God I cant believe it; it’s Colm & Jim-Jim’s breakfast show, yeah!”

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