ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia

Set List of Show:

Main Set:

  • "Return of the Stingray Guitar"
  • "Beautiful Day"
  • "New Year's Day"
  • "Get On Your Boots"
  • "Magnificent"
  • "Mysterious Ways"
  • "Elevation"
  • "Until the End of the World"
  • "All I Want is You"
  • "Love Rescue Me"
  • "Pride (In the Name of Love)"
  • "In a Little While"
  • "Miss Sarajevo"
  • "City Of Blinding Lights"
  • "Vertigo"
  • "I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight"
  • "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
  • "Scarlet"
  • "Walk On"
Encore Two:

  • "One"
  • "Where the Streets Have No Name"
Encore Two:

  • "Ultra Violet (Light My Way)"
  • "With or Without You"
  • "Moment of Surrender"

Additional Music

Pre-Recorded Intro Song: "Space Oddity" - David Bowie
Pre-Recorded Exit Song: "Rocket Man" - Elton John

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by U2:

    "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (The Beatles) / "Creep" (Radiohead) / "Need You Tonight" (INXS) / "Never Tear Us Apart" (INXS) / "Slide Away" (Micheal Hutchence, Bono) / "Teenage Kicks" (The Undertones) / "Two Tribes" (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) / "Relax" (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) / "You'll Never Walk Alone" (from Carousel by Rodgers and Hammerstein) / "Amazing Grace" (John Newton and William Walker) / "All You Need is Love" (The Beatles) /

Show Details:

After an eventful first show in Sydney U2 return to the stage tonight for the second and final show in Sydney. Jay-Z is the opening act for all of the shows on this leg of the tour.

Yesterday at soundcheck the band had worked through “All I Want is You”. Willie Williams explained, “They ran All I Want is You a couple of times, figuring out an arrangement and a structure. There is something absolutely magical about those empty, opening guitar chords and it was extremely uplifting to hear the song being played, being rebuilt. Towards the end of the second run, Bono went off at a bit of a tangent and out of nowhere started singing Love Rescue Me over the final chords, still hanging in the air. The other guys joined in and carried on, building to a full rendition of this song also – a song that certainly hasn’t seen the light of day since LoveTown.” They were also due to rehearse “Boy Falls from the Sky” but Willie talks them into continue working through the two songs from Rattle and Hum and the transition between them.

They didn’t play the songs on the first night in Sydney however, they saved them for this show, the second night in town. In the middle of the main set, the band debuted both “All I Want is You” and “Love Rescue Me” on this leg of the tour. “All I Want is You” replaced “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. To introduce the songs, Bono talks about his memories of visiting Sydney with the band in the past, from The Unforgettable Fire tour, to the Zoo TV world broadcast. He also mentions Adam missing a show on Zoo TV, sharing “Adam Clayton Version 2.0 started here in Sydney” and how proud he is that Clayton has turned his life around. He then talks about the LoveTown tour, and how it was a special tour for them. Willie Williams in his tour diary for U2.com shares, “The killer blow though was Bono introducing it by talking about U2’s history with Sydney, and about having made a film here with Richard Lowenstein called LoveTown. This is where we were mostly based for the LoveTown tour in 1989, a tour that was broadly in support of the Rattle & Hum album. To follow this with three songs from Rattle & Hum (Pride being the third) made it a wonderfully bespoke celebration and the audience were fully aware that this was genuinely something special, put together for this night. The band tentatively picking their way through Love Rescue Me had a vulnerable fragility about it – I guess you had to be there, but there was an atmosphere in the place I haven’t often felt before.”

It’s the first time “All I Want is You” has been played live in full since the end of the Vertigo tour in Honolulu in 2006. (Althout it appeared as a snippet earlier in the tour in Rome). And it’s the first time “Love Rescue Me” has been played in full since the final show of the LoveTown tour in Rotterdam in 1990. (Although it appeared as a snippet in Brazil during the Vertigo tour.)

During the show “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” is added to “Beautiful Day” and “Creep” is added to “Elevation”. “All I Want is You” features a number of snippets to celebrate Michael Hutchence, including “Need You Tonight” and “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS. Also included as a snippet? “Slide Away”, one of the last songs that Hutchence was working on before his death, a song that Bono finished for his friend so it could be released. “Vertigo” tonight includes “Teenage Kicks”, “I’ll Go Crazy” includes snippets of “Two Tribes” and “Relax”, “Walk On” includes “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “Where the Streets Have No Name” includes both “Amazing Grace” and “All You Need is Love”.

Earlier in the day Bono filmed his interview segment with Oprah for her television show.

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