Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

Set List of Show:

Song Performed:

  • "Highway to Hell"
  • "Miracle Drug"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by Bono:


Bono speaks with author Jon Meacham

Show Details:

Bono adds one additional show in North America to promote the book Surrender. He is in conversation with author Jon Meacham at the National Washington Cathedral.

Although mostly a conversation between the two, at one point in the conversation Bono asks Meacham to pull out his phone and look up the lyrics to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”. Bono reads a significant portion of the lyrics out from the stage to the audience. Later, when discussing Johnny Cash, he says Cash could have sung “Highway to Hell” and then does an impression of Johnny Cash singing the song.

Late in the evening Bono does an acoustic performance of several verses of “Miracle Drug” at the end of the show, unaccompanied by any music.

At the end of the night a choir arranged by Bob Chillcott performs U2’s “MLK”. It was at the National Cathedral that MLK gave his last sermon prior to his assassination. Bono remains on stage to watch the choir perform.

The event is sold out, and the Cathedral holds about 4000 people. Additionally, an online stream is made available, and between 300 and 400 people are tuned in to watch from home.

Ahead of the show Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith, dean of Washington National Cathedral shared, “We are honored to host Bono, who is not only one of the world’s most iconic artists, but a person who has dedicated himself to improving the world for marginalized people, his openness and commitment to his faith is an inspiration to us all.” Hollerith opened the evening by introducing Bono, Ali and Meacham.

The conversation between Bono and Meacham lasted for about 80 minutes, including two readings from Bono’s book. After this Bono took questions from the audience and those watching online, all taken in advance.

The virtual ticket to watch via YouTube came bundled with the book, for $37 plus a $10 shipping fee. Tickets to attend in person were $50, and also included the book. Books were provided by the stores, Politics & Prose and East City Books. The event was announced on November 10, 2022.

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