Electric Brixton, London, England

Set List of Show:

Bono and The Edge Perform On:

  • "Mothers of the Disappeared"

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Bono and The Edge join the Ukrainian group Antytila on stage in London for a performance of “Mothers of the Disappeared”

Show Details:

Ukrainian group Antytila performed in concert at Electric Brixton in London this evening, with doors opening at 19:00. The show is a showcase of their music, and an emotional performance. Money from the performance is being used for fundraising, collecting money for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Toward the end of the performance Bono and The Edge joined the band on stage to perform “Mothers of the Disappeared” with the band. Speaking of why they were there Bono shared, “This is obvious. These musicians do not want to go to war. These people don’t want to go to war. But I wouldn’t fuck with them.” He continued, “They want peace. But they do not want peace without freedom. Never pick a fight with someone who is ready to lose everything. I would not mess with the Ukrainians ever! So we want to say this is not just a war about territory or sovereignty, it’s a war about decency and dignity, confronting domination and darkness. And we want decency and dignity to win for all of us, and that’s why we are here.” A Ukrainian flag could be seen waving in the crowd as Bono spoke.

Video of the song being performed can be seen here.

Bono and The Edge had previously played with the band in 2022 at the Khreshchatyk Metro Station, in Kyiv, Ukraine. They have also released music and performed with Ed Sheeran in recent months. With the invasion of Ukraine, they have all been serving in the military protecting Ukraine. Of the show, front man, Taras Topolia shared, “All this time we’ve been receiving huge amounts of support from England, and we are truly convinced that people are waiting for our performance. We are inviting all to our concert in London. Best light and sound, Ukrainian groove in each song! All of this will be waiting for you in our concerts!”

Bono and The Edge also took part in the Stand Up for Ukraine concert held in April 2022, singing a new version of “Walk On”, now titled “Walk On (Ukraine)” with lyrics referring to the conflict. “Walk On (Ukraine)” will be released on Songs of Surrender next month.

Although initially announced as an 18+ show, the age limit was waived, and doors were open to people 14 years and older. The venue, Electric Brixton, has a capacity of 1500 people for live performances.

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