Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Set List of Show:

Bono Recites:

  • "Wild Thing"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by Bono:


Bono recites a bit of “Born to Be Wild” as part of Ryan Tubridy’s farewell episode of The Late Late Show.

Show Details:

Tonight after hosting The Late Late Show since 2009, Ryan Tubridy said his farewell as a host of the program. The farewell show featured a number of video clips from people who couldn’t be on the show to celebrate. The Edge made an appearance from his home via video to say farewell, sharing that he had looked Tubridy up on Google and was happy to see him being bigger than Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, or Ryan Kent in Ireland, and coming in just below Ryan Air. He ends by sending “lots of love from the U2ers”.

That was followed by a video clip of Bono, filmed at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is not known when the clip was filmed, but we are listing it here on the day it aired. Bono is doing a selfie-video, where he talks about where he is, and then reciting 10-12 lines from “Wild Thing”. He ends by repeating that Ryan is more of a mod than a rocker, so he offers up a (RED) Vespa, rather than a Harley-Davidson. The Vespa is driven into the studio where the show is live, and it has the license plate “2RYN XU2”.

The reference to the Harley-Davidson is a reference to Larry and Bono appearing on the Late Late Show on May 21, 1999, when former host Gay Byrne did his final show. U2 also appeared on the final episode by the next host, Pat Kenny, upon his retirement in May 2009. They performed “Magnificent” and gifted Kenny with a Music Rising Gibson guitar and a pair of sunglasses.

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