The Joshua Tree 2019

The Joshua Tree 2019 tour is a continuation of the tour which visited Europe, North America and South America in 2017, but it carries its own name and logo. At the time of the 2017 tour, the band promised that they would bring this production to Australia. Originally the band tried to do that at the end of 2018, but chose to take a break at the end of the Experience + Innocence tour instead.

Original plans called for the tour to be announced on April 5, 2019, and then later on May 20, 2019, but in both cases the tour announcement was delayed. The tour was finally announced on May 31, 2019, but although the show was mentioned, no date was given for the show in Singapore, and at the time no shows were announced for Manila or Mumbai. The initial announcement consisted of nine cities, but only one show for each city, except Saitama, where due to the nature of ticketing sales, both shows were announced at once.

The opening act for the shows in Australia and New Zealand is Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. An opening act has not yet been announced for the Asian dates.

The Joshua Tree 2019: Asia, Australia and New Zealand

The first stop of this tour was in Auckland, New Zealand for two shows, the band would move from there to Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, The Philippines and India. It will be the bands first appearance to perform in Singapore, South Korea, The Philippines and India. The smallest venue on the tour is the Gocheok Sky Dome in South Korea, with a capacity of 32,000 people. The largest venue on the tour is in Perth, where the band will play a stadium that has a capacity of 60,000 people.

The tour was announced on May 31, 2019. Ticket presales started on June 5 for fan club members for shows in Australia, New Zealand and both shows in Japan, and June 10 for the show in Seoul. General sales started on June 11 for Australia and Japan. Shows in Auckland and Sydney quickly were listed as sell outs, resulting in second shows being added. General sales started on June 12 for Seoul. General sales will start July 20 for the two shows in Saitama.

The date for the Singapore show was finally announced on June 13, 2019, with presales opening on June 17, and the general sale starting on June 20. Tickets sold out quickly for the Singapore show, and a second show was quickly added, with presales opening on June 21, and the general sale happening on June 24.

Second shows were on the initial developed itinerary for both Melbourne and Seoul but it is now known these will not happen. Live Nation has stated "with the schedule now complete for U2's The Joshua Tree Tour in New Zealand and Australia" in recent information releases about tickets. On July 31, U2 announced they would play Manila in The Philippines. On September 18, U2 announced that they will play Mumbai in India, and that this will be the final show on this tour.

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