October Tour

October was released on October 12, 1981, but even before that album came out U2 had started a tour to promote the album. Up first was the Gloria tour that wound through England, leading up to, and continuing through the album release. The band would move to Europe from there, played a long series of dates in the USA, and would return for a couple of dates in Dublin before the end of 1981.

In 1982 they would play a few additional dates in Ireland, before going back to the USA to play a number of their own shows, as well as to feature as the opening act on the Freeze Frame tour with the J. Geil's Band. In the summer of 1982, the band would return to Europe and play a number of Festival appearances throughout Europe.

Pre-October Tour [Europe]

U2 finished touring the Boy album in June 1981, with a handful of shows in Europe, after the completion of a long North American tour. The band entered Windmill Studios in July to record October, the album they are committed to put out in October.

Their first show out is August 16, 1981, at the first Slane Castle Festival, and they debut five songs off of the new album. The weeks of work on new material, and the lack of rehearsal on old find the band in rough shape performing over the next few shows.

The band play three traditional festivals, a show in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Rock Festival which takes place across multiple venues, and a show for the BBC to broadcast.

Gloria Tour: Leg One [Europe]

The first leg of the tour to promote the album October was called after the first single on the album, "Gloria." The tour was announced before the album was complete, and all press refered to the tour by the name of the single, in fact at the time, the press were still referring to the upcoming album as Scarlet. The tour as announced was a UK tour, and all dates for the shows were opened by Comsat Angels, with the exception of the Sheffield show.

Tickets for the shows were priced at £3.00, except Leicester at £2.50 and Nottingham which was sold at £3.00 but also had limited £3.50 tickets available as well.

Press for this tour leg do mention a new album release, but do not give it a name.

October Tour: Leg One [Europe]

The first leg of the October tour saw U2 move to a series of shows on continental Europe, returning to play multiple shows in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany as well as a show in Paris. These follow closely behind the Gloria tour dates which saw the band play throughout Europe.

October: Leg Two [United States]

A tour ad for these October tour dates in North America listed "U2, featuring the Green Tornado, Bono, on vocals, The Edge, the man of a thousand guitars, Adam Clayton, Bass, Larry, Drums."

This leg of the tour is actually branded as the October tour, and promotion in the USA includes the album cover and the dates of the shows. Initially announced dates are incomplete, and a few additional ones are announced including the run of shows in Atlanta, Nashville, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Chicago, as well as the show in Buffalo and Lido Beach.

This leg of the tour almost didn't happen. After a series of struggles at the end of the European tour, and ongoing confusion about life in Rock and Roll, Bono and The Edge tell Paul McGuinness they are ready to quit the music business and don't want to tour North America. McGuinness convinces them to finish their current obligations for the North American dates before making any decision.

October: Leg Three [UK and Ireland]

Less a leg of the tour, and more a set of odd dates in the UK and Ireland followed the US tour, with two appearances in London before Christmas and three appearances in Ireland after the Christmas break.

A show had been planned for Belfast at this time, but it has to be canceled when the venue is found to have structural problems, and due to the holidays, a rescheduled date proves to be impossible.

October: Leg Four [United States]

The fourth leg of the October tour saw U2 returning to North America to play shows in the USA. They played a number of shows in February, and then joined on as the opening act of the J. Geil's Band's "Freeze Frame tour" (see below). They would take a short break from the "Freeze Frame tour" to play a few additional shows in March 1982.

Freeze Frame Tour [Opening for the J. Geil's Band, United States]

In March 1982, U2 joined the J. Geil's Band for a number of shows in the USA. The band played arenas for the first time in North America, opening for the J. Giel's Band. Mid-way through the tour, U2 took some time off the tour to play some of their own shows in New York, Rhode Island and Massachussetts, but would return to a few additional shows with J. Geil's after those shows were complete (See October Leg 4 for these dates).

A show planned for March 7, 1982 in Jacksonville, Florida at the Jacksonville University was cancelled. U2 had been booked to play as the opener that night. It was not rescheduled. When U2 took a break from this tour to do their own shows, the band Johnny And The Distractions opened for J. Geil's instead.

October: Leg Five [Europe]

The summer of 1982 saw U2 on the Festival circuit in Europe, traveling to a number of festivals to perform. This included shows throughout Europe including The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, England, Portugal and Finland.

These summer shows wrapped up U2's promotion of the album October and the band had already started work on the album that would be released next, War and the next spin of touring would be to start promotion of that album.

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