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U2's songs. The backbone of the band. While the U2 discography allows you to search U2's lyrics by individual releases, this section allows you to look at the lyrics as a whole. Sort by the live songs, the studio songs, or narrow it down even further such as our list of songs that U2 have covered. More instruction on how to use this section appears below.

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The letter links on this page lead you to U2's songs sorted in one of three ways. Studio releases, live performances which have been released, and solo appearances by one or more band members. You can chose any letter to view the songs that start with that letter. (For those who remember our old lists which included all songs, they still exist, you just have to click through to a letter of your choice and then pick "All Songs" on the right.)

The songs are sorted by alphabetical order, and the word "The" is ignored. Thus you will find "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" under the listings for G.

This section is currently being built, and we will add new categories to sort by soon, including solo song listings by band member, songs by album era, instrumental songs and more. More information about these changes to the lyrics section can be found here in our recent news.