Song Lyrics:

Even the greatest stars,
Discover themself in the looking glass.

Buenasera Milano!
Macphisto al vostro servizio.

What’s? What’s that smell?
Oh! It’s confusion. My favourite scent.

When the truth is complex it’s a great time to be Macphisto don’t you agree?
When the truth is complex, and the lies are so simple, it’s great to be Macphisto?

Uncertain times.
Well they need strong men who get shit done.
Men like Viktor Orbán in Hungary.
Men like Jimmie Åkesson (laughs) in Sweden.
Men like Marine Le Pen in France. Huh-ha!”
Men like… oh, I think you’ve a few to choose from in Italy.

Strong men. My kind of people.
Power to the people…like…me!
And as for the rest of you
Well, you’ve got the power to do what you’re fucking told.

Vote MacPhisto!!

Strong man for Europe!

And Milano? It’s when you don’t believe I exist
that’s when I do my best work.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Don’t believe what you hear.
Don’t believe what you see.
If you just close your eyes,
You can feel the enemy…

(Alarms heard)