Song Lyrics:

We are the chosen ones that’s what they taught me
We’ve got the power, the money, the guns
If there’s a God, He is white and on our side
You’ll believe anything when you are young

We are the civilized they always told me
Religion is organized I was told
I found it more honest exploring the darkness
‘Cause Jesus never wore no South African gold

Look around, baby, we’re desperate, divided
All calling God by different names
Kneeling to praise Him while we poison His garden
I’m Born Again Savage and I can’t play the game


There ain’t no justice for the loyal foot soldier
We’re promised salvation but not till we die
Our bodies are churches of wisdom and pleasures
Don’t be afraid, baby, let’s look inside

I’ve danced with spirits, I’ve challenged my demons
Baptized in the blood of my own killing ground
We laughed when the elders said all life is sacred
And natural law’s gonna punish us now

Look around at the volunteer slavery
Everyone drinking and dying of thirst
Don’t look up, baby, ‘cause no one’s gonna save you
I’m Born Again Savage and a child of the earth

This flesh we walk ‘round in is so temporary
It’s misused and disused, discarded too fast
Invite me into your temple to worship
I’m Born Again Savage and free at last