Song Lyrics:

You can change your mind
But you cannot change your heart
Your heart knows when you’re hiding
Your heart knows where you are

I’d be myself if I knew who I’d become
You don’t have to fly too high
To get too close to the sun
See the boy fall from the sky

‘Cause you will always be in front of me
Even as I disappear from view
For I have done not a single thing
Without the thought of you

But no, not here, not now, no way
I’m not ready to give up the fight
If I can use a single thread to cross the sky
Then why is the eye of the needle
Still your heart tonight
See how the boy falls from the sky


The city conducts a symphony
I’ll search through trash for a melody
That might lead us back to dignity
In this junkyard of humanity

To let you go without regret
I will forever hold you always in my heart instead
Over the screams and the siren’s wail
The only thing not up for sale
Are lovers like lights on a midnight train
Hearts like thunder with no signs of rain
Lightening splits the sky and kisses your face
Yours is the sacrifice, yours is the grace

I hear your voice inside my head
I will listen to nobody, not to no one else
From the bridge where we both stood and stole the view
I saw the you in me and the me in you

These are the threads that bind
The ones we have to weave
They will hold us true
I believe

I believe…
Believe, believe, believe, believe