Song Lyrics:

The last time we, we stood here I… could not sing that song
And you sang it for us, thank you
Thank you for coming back
This is the last night on the experience of innocence tour
Again, thank you, danke, danke

Each of us has a story of how we got here tonight
Larry, Edge, Adam and myself
We grew up on the north side of Dublin in the 1970’s
Now Ireland in the 70’s wasn’t the happiest place
There was The Troubles, North and South
But there were all kinds of troubles on our island
That had nothing to do with Sectarianism
Like no jobs, everyday stuff
Like the troubles in a family home
Sons, with so much to prove taking on their fathers
U2 was our way of getting out from under their shadow
Was our way of saying, I’m not like you
Let me introduce Garvin Evans, Brian Clayton
Larry Mullen Senior, and Bob Hewson
Now my father he…he didn’t take me too seriously
‘Cause he could see I was doing a very good job of that myself
But he gave me a lot of advice
And I can still hear his voice in my head
Especially when I sing

I don’t know you
You don’t know the half of it
I had a starring role
As the bad guy who didn’t walk out
They say be careful where you aim
‘Cause where you aim you just might hit
You can hold on something so tightly
You’ve already lost it

Dragging me down
It’s not the way you used to be
You can’t even remember
What I’m trying to forget

On a dirty day
Ha, dirty day
Ow, dirty day

You see Punk Rock was for us something like, electricity
The shock, the danger, the excitement of a whole other world out there
If only my father wasn’t in the way
But he wasn’t in the way
Looking back I realize he just wanted solid ground for his son
There wasn’t much of that about in Dublin in the 70’s
You see, Bob thought that to dream was to be disappointed
He didn’t want that for me
Tonight I want to thank him for his patience
And more than that I wanna say to my father, I’m sorry

From father to son
In one life has begun
A work that’s never done
Father to son

And these days, days, days
Run away like horses over the hill
These days, days, days run away
Like horses over the hill
These days, days, days
Run away like horses over the hill
Like horses

Innocent times for four Irish boys now men
Daring to believe that at the far end of experience
We can still recover that innocence

And you know, it’s just great to get out of the house