Song Lyrics:

Love… oh…
Love… oh… love… oh…

Love… love… love, love
Love… love… love, love

Ooh love
Heaven… heaven
Heaven… heaven

Love… love… oh love

Heaven… heaven
You want heaven
Heaven in your heart

You want heaven
Heaven in your heart

Heaven in your heart

You want heaven
The sun, the moon, and the stars

Heaven… heaven… heaven…

Slave to the wet nurse
Never give her hers
Slave to the creature
The great teacher
Slave to the noun
Slave to sound
Slave to the homes
Say baby home bottom

Slave to time
Slave to dime
Slave to chocolate
Slave to the apocalypse
Slave to talking
Slave to bow
Slave to the one
And a make at home gun

Slave with religion
Slave with recession
Slave to get out
Or go fishing
Slave to the rubber
Slave to the wife
Slave to the Polish
And the polacks

Slave to heather
I’ll slave to honey
Slave to the things
You can’t buy with money
Slave to truth
Slave to tooth
Slave to the ground
On your sweet youth

Slave to momentum
Moving on a fake talk
Eat your bitter
Like it on momento
Slave to sugar
Slave to sweetness
Slave to…

Slave to the suck and
Flow of the tide
Slave to the mouth
Open wide
Slave to coke
I slave to cola
Slave to the heavy burden

Slave to religion
I’ll slave to Rome
Slave to the thought of
Returning home
Slave to Friday
Through to Sunday
Slave to swallow
All of Monday

Slave to the back
To welcome in the bones
Slave to the whispers
And moans
Slave to the rhythm
Losing control
Slave to wine
Wanting it all…

Big… big black
Big… big black
Big… big black
Big… a big black
Hairy hole

Big black, hey
Big black, hoo ha yeah
Big black
Big black
Hole, God, big hole
Big black
Hole, hey, big hairy hole
Big black
Big black