Song Lyrics:

My eyes are blind
They have seen the glory
My ears are shut
They have heard the sound
My legs are weak
From so much stumbling

Down all the days
Down all the days

My lips are dry
They have tasted water
My spirit high
I hardly touch the ground
My heart is heavy
It hears a distant firing

Down all the days
Down all the days
Down all the days
Down all the days
Down all the days / Days
Down all the days / Days, days

Ma-ma love to talk / Days, days
Can you leave me some of my fears to hug / Days, days
Can you hold me now I love that talk / Days, days, days

Wo-oh-oh-oh-oh / Days, days
Wo-oh-oh-mm-mm / Days

Ma-ma, ma-ma, ma-ma-oh, bella
Ma-ma-oh, ma-ma, ma-ma-oh, ma-ma


Ma-ma, ma-ma, ma-ma-oh, ma-ma
Bella…mercy love, oh I
Ma-ma-oh, ma-ma, ma-ma-oh
To ma mercy love
Mercy love

Ma-ma-oh, ma-ma, ma-ma-oh, ma-ma
To mercy love
Mercy love

To ma-ma-oh, to pa-pa
To ma-ma, to ma-ma
To render

When the sky is all cold
Fluorescent against the night
Write down all you wanna see
Come down land what you wanna see
Write off on the holy rose
Someone on the streets on fire
And I am weary, unworthy
And weary, all wrong
I hear you, do you hear me?

To ma-ma, to ma-ma-oh