Song Lyrics:

When the churches feel like graveyards so solemn and so cold
Those who blaspheme passively have already lost their souls
Men will build their steeples, stain their glass and pray in vain
When the world loses it’s pity, the pitiful shall reign

I hear that whistle blowin’, we’re running out of time
That train of lost souls keeps me running, their fate could be mine
I hear their cries for mercy on their way to limbo’s jail
I’m one step ahead of the hell-hounds on my trail

I was sipping coffee and anisette at a sidewalk cafe
Realizing at least half my life is gone
I was feeling alright watching life go by, thinking
I ought to know by now where I belong

And a waitress came out of nowhere
Right through the mist, and said
Is there anything else I can do for you?
Well she said it like she meant it
Could I have some parmigiana and pears
And, and oh yeah, there is one more thing that you can do

Ah, can you tell me
Did the white light of near death, the light of creation
You know the one from that big bang so long ago
And is reuniting with that energy what we call heaven
Or is what’s in your kiss all there is to know?

You know Moses climbed that mountain
And Buddha was so cool under that tree
And me, I’m here waiting in your garden
Just to catch a glimpse of the face of God

The young girl worked in fashion, the old man was an outlaw priest
They had nothing much in common but the adventure in their eyes
She said, I inherited my body, my religion, and my wealth
Why am I never satisfied?

He said, there’s some things you cannot be given
And there’s some things you cannot steal
She said, I will trade my youth for your wisdom
He laughed and said, well it ain’t quite that simple
But you got a deal

And Moses climbed that mountain
And Mohammad got down on the floor of that cave
Tonight I’ll be deep inside your garden
Just to catch a glimpse of the face of God

The old kings and the princes so recently dethroned
Were prophets once upon a time, their words the law of the land
They used to look so regal in their psychedelic colors
There is no place for them now… in the land of the bland

Some turned into spirits
And some came crashing down in flames
But with their dignity intact, some keep on searching
Knowing they can’t go back the way they came

Have you heard that Moses climbed that mountain
And Jesus walked in the desert sands?
And me I wait so patiently in your garden
Just to catch a glimpse of the face of God
Yeah, just to catch a glimpse of the face of God
For just one moment, reach out and touch the face of God
Catch a glimpse of the face of God

Hey, yeah, yeah, alright
I take six white horses make my way
Me and the angels gonna ride them from here