Song Lyrics:

Normal = Bob Geldof | Italic = Midge Ure

Hi this is Bob Geldolf on the telephone from Italy. On Sunday the 24th November, 1984 a bunch of us gathered in a London recording studio to try and help the people who are dying of hunger in Africa. None of us expected what would happen next.

We’re one year on. We’re one year on. We’re one year on.

The Band Aid fleet of 9 ships has so far carried over 100,000 tons of aid to Africa, much of it for other agencies. 73 Relief Agencies have shiped over 70,000 tons of aid on your ships.

9 Emergency flights have carried 340 tons of urgently required medical supplies and food. 93 Relief and Development Agencies working in Africa have benefited from your donations.

We’re one year on. We’re one year on.

Your money has bought for the famine victims of Africa:

17,000 tons of grain
2,000 tons of milk powder
1,200 tons of sugar
1,200 tons of vegetable oil
200 tons of hi-energy biscuits
140 tons of lentils
200 tons of medical supplies and vitamins

Here’s to you, raise a glass for everyone
Here’s to them, underneath that burning sun
Do they know it’s Christmastime at all?

29 land rovers
18 water tankers
169 lorries
4 mobile workshop
12 land cruisers [Feed the world]
10 pick-ups
2 bulldozers
200,000 gallons of diesel fuel [Feed the world]
52 tons of plastic reinforced sheeting
41 hospital tents [Feed the world]
3 clinics
200,000 hand tools, picks and shoves [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
250,000 feeding utensils [Feed the world]
10 tons of tarpuaulin [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
15 containers of clothing and cloth [Feed the World]
10 farm ploughs [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
150 tons of seed [Feed the World]
200,000 blankets [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
3 water drilling rigs [Feed the World]
40 tons of water pumping equipment [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
1½ million pounds worth of vehicle parts and tires [Feed the World]
1 container full of hospital [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
the building of one bridge [Feed the World]
2 vehicle compounds [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
250,000 worth of seed, oxen and hand tools [Feed the World]
Your money is already being spent in 7 countries in Africa: [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
Mozambique [Feed the World]
Chad [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
Burkina Faso [Feed the World]
Niger [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
Mali [Feed the World]
The Sudan [Let them know it’s Christmastime]
Ethiopia [Feed the World]

[Let them know it’s Christmastime]

It’s the 11th of November, 1985.
The dying continues so the giving can’t stop.
This is Bob and Midge wishing you all a happy new year again and have a very peaceful Christmas.