Song Lyrics:

On a dark, desert night
Look into the sky, something ain’t right
A fireball, red and grey

People start to look, frozen in fear
A man grabs a woman, draws her near
They fall to their knees and pray
All mighty God… is it today?

Fireball, in the sky
Fireball, in the sky

Hey, little boy with a cowboy gun
His momma picked him up, starts to run
He laughs out loud, thinks it’s a game

The alarm goes off in the liquor store
The trucks roll by with a thunderous roar
Down from the sky, a silver rain
All mighty God… the city’s in flames

All man alive, can we survive?

My alarm goes off, I’m shaking with fright
My blood runs cold, teeth clenched tight
But it’s alright now, it’s only a dream

Then I go to the window, lean on the sill
The night is hot, and all is still
There’s a blinding flash and now it’s real
All mighty God… we died today

Fireball, in the sky

Fireball, in the sky (x7)