Song Lyrics:


Father leads us to the boat today
Bundle up a flag on your ones sent on their way
Got to wait on the docks for the next one
They cannot take any more on

Where we’re going, we don’t know
Where we’re come from, we barely know
Life in our hands, our lives in a bag
Going to the new frontiers of hope

The secret’s in our hands
Oh-oh-oh…oh, oh

Can we know what we’ll do right now?
Our father says he’ll be over
By and by, by and by

Six weeks on, no sign of him
Got to press on to a new home
He found a homeland


Wo, wo, wo
Wo, wo, wo

At midnight somebody hefts his flag
And now we’re in a train
Train is going across the lands
A train that gives me pain

And the little ones will wipe the window
See a Cherokee
Bareback on a horse it’s him
Just get in make an offer
Bareback on a horse and the war paint is on his bay
Oh, on his legs walking

It seems no matter where you go
It seems no matter what decade it is
There’s war paint on somebody’s face
And we’ve just left behind the blight
And the famine and the black death of me
Twenty years, twenty years
It took so many lives
So many lives

Please don’t give up hope
No, no, no, no, (no)