Song Lyrics:

You used to think I was something special
I know you haven’t thought that in a while
You liked the company of my inner devil
Cos my inner devil could make you smile

Like an angel on some stained glass / Wop, wop
Not so really from the recent past / Wop, shoo-wop
With your pale breasts and your fresh wound / Wop, wop
And your eyes to heaven with your hands bound / Wop, shoo-wop

I thought you’d find me when you weren’t looking
In truth you’d have to be there to look around
How come the honey suckle isn’t sucking?
And I got a bee sting walking barefoot on the ground

Did I grasp it, become a mud bath / Wop, wop
A dirty boy, dirty girl, I’ve been a dirty lie / Wop, shoo-wop
I saw you coming, I had your cover / Wop, wop
You slept beside me till you discover / Wop, shoo-wop

That we are heaven / Heaven, heaven
Heaven and hell
Heaven / Heaven, heaven
Heaven and hell

Oh-wo-oh-oh-ho / Ah…

Picnic table and a china cup / Wop, wop
We had an airbed, that was all our stuff / Wop, shoo-wop
Now it’s room 64 at the chateau / Wop, wop
Ask the front desk where does your love go / Wop, shoo-wop

Is it to heaven / Heaven, heaven
Or to hell?
Is it to heaven? / Heaven, heaven
Heaven or hell?
Baby, we’re heaven / Heaven, heaven
Heaven and hell