Song Lyrics:

I don’t believe it

Julie says
John I’m getting nowhere
I wrote a letter
Hope it gets to you soon

I’m gonna get up
When I wake up
When I get up
I fall down
I fall

Julie says
I believe it’s gonna be alright
I get these feelings, I get this feeling
That keeps me through the night

I’m gonna walk in the sun
And the wind and the rain
You’re gonna be here forever
You’re not gonna fall down
No I won’t let you go
Now you won’t fall down
Never fall down

Julie says
Julie, my heart is on my sleeve
And I’ve got this hope
And I’ve got this faith
I know I can believe

You’re gonna get up
You’re gonna wake up
And when you get up
I cannot fall down
You’re not falling down
Oh not fall down
You’ll never fall down
And if you’re falling down
You know I’ll pick you up
And if you’re falling down
I’ll get up
Get up
Get up