Song Lyrics:

[Bono (Alton Dalton) = Normal; Edge (Luke Dalton) = Italics]

This is just like Farm Aid and we like it that way
You people are beautiful people I just want you to know that
And my brothers appreciate that
I’m going to introduce you over here to, ah, Luke Dalton, he’s ah
He’s my kid brother, ah, I looked after him for the last, oh, 20, 30 years
And he’s gonna just, ah, sing a song for you, and would you introduce
Your song there Luke, God bless ya

Well before we start my song I’d just like to say, ah, it really is great
To be back in Los Angeles and whenever we come back to Los Angeles
My brother Alton he, he says to me, he says, ah, Alton, it’s great
To be back in Los Angeles

It’s true it’s really it really is, ya’ll are beautiful people, beautiful people.
So, ah, here we go. Okay
What’s it to be then, Luke?
This is a little tune, ah, a little tune we learned from, ah, Hank Williams, ah
God Bless him, God bless him, Hallelujah
God bless him and his Mary.
God bless him and his Mary
This is a little tune called, ah, The Lost Highway
The Lost Highway

I’m a rolling stone all alone and lost
For a life of sin I’ve paid the cost
When I pass by all the people say
Just another guy on the lost highway

Just a deck of cards and a jug of wine
And a woman’s laugh makes a life like mine
The day we met I went astray
I started down that lost highway
/ Go

We’d just like to thank you for being with us tonight
We love ya and we know that you love us, too
And it’s great to know, that in Los Angeles it’s love not money
That makes the world go around.
Hallelujah, everybody say, Amen

I was just a lad / I was just a lad
Nearly twenty-two / Nearly twenty-two
Neither good nor bad / Neither good nor bad
Just a lad like you / Just a lad like you

But now I’m lost / But now I’m lost
Too late to pray / Too late to pray
Lord I’m going lost / Lord I’m going down
On the lost highway
Last verse

Boys don’t you start you’re rambling around
On this road of sin, for you’re sorrow bound
Take my advice or you’ll curse the day
You started down that lost highway

Amen, amen
Thank you kindly, thank you
God bless you Luke, we love you people, good night
We, I hope you’re looking forward to The Pretenders and U2
‘Cause I know they’re looking forward to you
God bless ya, good night