Song Lyrics:

Telephone answering machine:

“Messagerie Orange, bonjour. La personne que vous essayez de joindre n’est pas disponible. Veuillez laisser votre message après le bip.” (Hello, this is the Orange answering machine. The person you’re calling isn’t available. Please leave a message after the beep.)

Souris – C’est Bono ici

A ghost
Though invisible
Still is like a place your sight can knock on
But here within this thick black pelt
Your strongest gaze
Will be absorbed and utterly disappear oh oh
Just as a raving madman oh oh
When nothing else can ease him oh oh
Charges into his dark night howling oh oh
Pounds on the padded wall
And feels the rage
Being taken in and pacified two sides sing song then to fight
She seems to hide all the looks that have ever fallen into her oh oh oh oh oh
So that like an audience she can look them over oh oh oh
Menacing and sullen oh oh oh oh oh
Curled to sleep with them oh oh oh
All at once as if awakened oh oh oh oh oh
She turns her face to yours oh oh oh
And with a shock
You see yourself yes and I know the truth
Tiny about you she cat
Inside the golden amber of her eyeballs
Like a prehistoric fly

(Think that worked)

[Thanks to Advah for the French transcription and the English translation of the answering machine]