Song Lyrics:

I fell in love in Chicago
I fell in love in a hotel room in Chicago
Listening to Miles Davis…A Kind of Blue…
I didn’t understand jazz, didn’t understand Mile Davis or how his music
Could make me feel, until I was sitting in this hotel room
Looking out the window, at this city
An Irish boy 24 yrs old…and just looking around Chicago
I kinda understood Miles Davis somehow, understood this music
And then we fell in love with Chicago.
We started out in clubs, I can’t even remember the name of the club
But I remember walking out on tables, kissing people’s girlfriends
And drinking their wine, a microphone in my hand
There was a hundred people there but we felt Chicago had fallen in love with us
You don’t really look back that much in our music we don’t look at the past
The best bits of the past we try to bring with us
There are songs, songs like Pride In the Name of Love, songs like Sunday, Bloody Sunday, songs like Where The Streets Have No Name
They’re the best bits of the past and we’ll take them with us
‘Cause we’re interested and we’re excited and we have faith in the future
That’s where we’re headed.
So for a city of the future, this is our music
This is our…the thing that we’re…strung out on
This is our drug, Miracle Drug