Song Lyrics:

When ah, when I was a boy, my first impression of America
Was a man walking on the moon, and ah, Neil Armstrong 1969
I thought, I thought these Americans are mad, they are mad
But I thought what can this country do? What can these people do
When they put their mind to it? It’s incredible.

I think John F. Kennedy was the one in 1963, he said; by the end of the decade
We’re going to put a man on the moon. Well, it’s not because
It was on everybody’s mind, it just, it was the right thing to do
And it was… it’s what we’re asking now…President Bush
Prime Minister Blair, and all the other world leaders to do. We’re asking
Them to do something extraordinary, not put a man on the moon
More like put mankind back on earth.

We have the technology, we have the resources, we have the
Know-how to end the extreme poverty, if…if we have the will.
And I believe we have the will.

Others, you know, we had the Civil Rights movement
Others ended Apartheid, others tore back the Iron Curtain
That’s what this generation, that’s what what’s up to us, our moon shot
Our putting a man on the moon, we’re going to end extreme poverty
We’re going to make poverty history. That’s what’s fallen to us to do
And I believe that’s not an impossible adventure.

And I believe in 50 years they’ll look back on this moment
And they’ll say, there was some people, at a time, who said
It’s not okay to have a child die for the lack of a twenty-cent immunization
And it’s not okay to have a child die for lack of food in his belly
In the 21st century, that’s not okay anymore.

Now I know you know that, but I’d like you to tell President Bush that
Prime Minister Blair that, and any other politician you see
And you can do it quite easy – just take out your cell phone…
Anyone got a cell phone here? You can get yourself into a lot of trouble
With a cell phone, take it out…cell phone…dangerous little devices…
Turn my lights off, Bruce…

So we’re looking for a million Americans to email us
To join the One Campaign. We’re not looking for your money…
We’re looking for your voice.