Song Lyrics:

This is our first single
Out of Control

Monday morning
Eighteen years of dawning
I say how long
I say how long

It was one dull morning
Woke the world with bawling
I was so sad
They were so glad

Eyes saw color, it was out of control
I had the feeling it was out of control

Hey girls
Go to school and girls
And they make children
Not like this one

Hours in session I’m out of control
There’s a kid in Alaga G he goes out of control

Keeps on slow yeah my my jay
You gotta read the soul there in myself

Oh, oh no
Tonight inside, rest your soul
Sunday streets, I’m begging your soul
Mountain and a road
Sixteen years old, get in my truck
Out of control
Out of control
Out of control
Out of control

I fought fate
There’s blood at the garden gate
The man said childhood
It’s in his childhood

One day I’ll die
The choice will not be mine
Will it be too late
You can’t fight fate

Tower in the sky, I was singing my whole
I just wanna… the goal is soul

Thank you