Song Lyrics:

Spanish Eyes

Wey-hey-hey, lady hang on
Wey-hey-hey, fellow now, cities a dome

Hang on to your heart beat
Fat as a drum
Hang on to your love
See it shine like a song

Wey-hey-hey, lady hang on

Our love shines like rain
In those Spanish eyes
Spanish eyes

Wey-hey-hey, well here she come
Gonna come in colour now
I’m gonna turn the daylight on
‘Cause I love the way you talk to me
And I love the way you walk on me
And I need you right as a day-ahey-ahey

Our love shines like rain
In those Spanish eyes, Spanish eyes
I’ll cross the world for green and gold
But it’s those Spanish eyes that see me home

Wey-hey-hey, lady hang on
Saw her in a headlight
You know that I, lie wrong
Will her dark beat show me the night
Well show me, dare me, take your fate in the light
Forever in fever, forever in heat
Well la-la…not back on the street


That’s for somebody we met earlier today
I forget your name, that’s for you