Song Lyrics:

What can I say?
What can I say?

You know at first we wanted to make this film in the sunshine
Here at Red Rocks and then we realized that would be very wrong for this group
This is what’s right for this group and this film
This film’s going all over the world as a record of tonight
You wanna say hello to Japan?
Say hello to Japan

From an LP titled War, a song titled, Surrender

Will you dance with me?

Ah, the city’s alight with lovers and lies
Bright blue eyes
Ah, the city is bright
It’s brighter than day tonight

Surrender, surrender
Ah-ah-ah, child
Oh-oh-oh, child
Surrender, surrender
Leave me alone, child
Uh-uh child

Sadie! Sadie!

Sadie said she couldn’t work out
What it was all about
And so she let go
Now Sadie’s on the street
And the people she meets you know

You want to be a good girl and a good wife
Raise a good family, lead a good life
It’s not good enough!
She got herself up on the 48th floor
And got to find out, find out what she’s living for

Surrender, surrender
Oh-oh-oh, child
Oh-oh-oh, child
Surrender, surrender

It could be tonight
It won’t be tomorrow
It could be tonight
Yeah, ooo

Yeah, the city’s a fire
A passionate flame
Knows me by name, ah
Ah, the city’s desire
To take me for more and more

Yeah it’s in the street getting under my feet
It’s in the air
It’s everywhere I look for you
It’s in the things I do and say
If I want to live I’ve got to die
To myself someday

Sing my song
Sing my song
Wo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (audience)
Push it up now
Sing my song

Surrender, surrender