Song Lyrics:

Between regret and despair
Between faith and fear
Between longing and necessity
In the shadow lands
In the shadow lands

Turn off the dark
Turn off the dark

Between the looking and the seeing
Between the hurting and the weeping
Between the waking and the sleeping
Are you sleeping? Ah…

Turn off the dark, ah…
Turn off the dark…
Turn off the dark…

I’ve been waiting…
I’ve been waiting…

I am the queen of dreams
Banished to a shadow prison
But I’ve watched and waited as your powers have risen
And now my loneliness can be undone
For the fates have delivered you, my one
With me alone you have nothing to hide
Confide in me, inside of me the universe awaits
Unwind…we’ll eclipse this mortal mind
The gift you’ve be given binds you to me
With spider silk threads across the galaxy