Song Lyrics:

People in the ghetto / Come on
This one’s for you
Yeah, baby
People in the ghetto
This one’s for you
Yeah, baby

It’s like God’s M.I.A. in the hood
You a baller when you bad, but you corny when you good
When I talk about Jesus, I’m misunderstood
To keep it real with your Crystal, don’t boost my morale
I rather see the homeless warm and poor people get on
And rappers going platinum, singing upliftin’ songs
Mama say, “God comes like a thief in the night
Do you pray everyday
Or when tragedy strikes?”

What’s going on?
World war
Wanna settle the score
So who’s the enemy?
This dude (xxx) ‘em all
I tried to tell all the little homies
Just chill on the streets
Now we all stand together
Cause we all for peace
I saw the twin towers fall
Like it’s nothin’ at all
I stood shook
All sad, all New Yorkers is mad
And we all got our flags on the cars
Cause whether you
White or black
America’s ours

I remember thinking, killin’ is wrong
Waiting and wishin’ that the
Bone chillin’ feelin’ is gone, but still, it’s on
Wonderin’ will I’ll condone, what’s goin’ on in our zones
Violence that exists in our phones or that lives in our homes
Everyday, a killer is born, utility swarms
We buildin’ bonds, let’s chill and be calm, and heal cause we strong
I know you feelin’ this song, cause killin’ is wrong
Millions are gone, put your ribbons on

What’s going on?

People lying in the street
Ain’t got no food to eat / What’s going on?
So many children
Living in poverty / What’s going on?
What can we do
To help the weary / What’s going on?
Ooh, we gotta get down
On our knees and pray

All you do is take a look at the kids
And you
See what this world done did
And um
It’s a daggone shame
Some of the pain, we walk with cloud in our brains
And um
Don’t let it get you down
Times get rough, good times come back around
Don’t let it make you down
You got the power to turn your life around

What’s going on?
In the USA
Why we all can’t live in a
F-A, B-O, L-O-U-S way
And I do just pray
That next year, I’ll be tryin’ to buy
A new S, instead of a new S.K
It’s so easy to grab and shoot at somethin’
But war
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothin’
We oughta build from the boulders
I caught a chill
When I hold a thought
Of my children as soldiers / What’s going on?
What’s going on?

Now, wasn’t y’all them same cats, holdin’ up mags
Now, look
Everybody holding up flags
It’s like the real lace attack with the red, white and blue
The FED’s ain’t got a clue
So what we gotta do, huh?
What’s going on, why does it have to be
The only time we unite is in a catastrophe?
But if I had the power, I would bring back the towers
Be the unfound hero, there’d be no ground zero

What’s going on?
Fed up more
Computer friend is crazy / What’s going on?
Hustlers bribin’ for the hood
And we’re sharin’, baby / What’s going on?
Well, maybe, we’ll keep up with the page
The future’s on / What’s going on?
Maybe then, we won’t have to ask
What’s going on / What’s going on?

Here, it’s 9/11, and I turned on my T.V
I couldn’t believe, that this was happenin’ to me
I, jumped on my knees and prayed, I said, “Lord
Is Revelation coming true from
Back in the day?”
What’s going on, cause I’m wondering why
Everybody ringing my phone
They trying to see, if I was on a plane
Tryin’ to see if I was comin’ home
But I’m not, and I thank the Lord
How could it been no one in the Concorde / Fo sho
When I’m still here / That’s right
I pray that it don’t go loop

No matter what, we gotta choose
Sleep, and you lose
Every other day, I find myself, watching the news
Eyes glued to the screen in another world
Wishin’ I could move to another world
I seem to be another girl

What’s going on, we under attack
The war was the past, I knew
I looked towards a brighter future with planes gettin’ crashed
They can’t crush me spirits, so I spit it through the lyric
Though I stand in the valley of death
I won’t fear it

Nigga, we livin’ Revelations everyday
It’s like turning the pages
We gotta rise up, done it, stop playin’
It’s like the world ain’t
Nothin’ but a great big bomb
And time is just a countdown for that shit to blow / What’s going on?

I know, I know we can do this thing / Ooh, mercy, mercy, me What’s going on?
If we just come together, we can do it / Things ain’t what they seem to be What’s going on?
I know we can / For you in my ocean
Do anything that I want / What’s going on?

What’s going on?

My brother, brother / What’s going on?
Won’t somebody help me, yeah / What’s going on?
Father, father, help us