Song Lyrics:

The yellow sun
Well it took the hand
Of a country boy
To a city in a far off land

We made no mark
Left no shadow at all
On the ancient holy streets
Where I learned to crawl

Not making sense
I kept a diary
Of my experience

The broken and the bruised
The young and the used
The sure and confused
All here

Words would find me
Creep up behind me
Break and enter through every locked door

Rhymes began in me
Summer sang in me
But summer sings in me no more

Now I’m 25
I’m trying to stay alive
In a corner of the world
With no clear enemies to fight

It’s hot as hell
We’re like butter on toast
And there’s no army in this world
Can fight a ghost

The scared and the brave
The saint and the slave
Some in their grave
All here

Words would land on me
Then abandon me
Mangle, untangle me
Leave me on the floor

Spring it sprang from me
Summer sang in me
Summer sings in me no more

So glad you made it home
Home in time
The day that’s light
So glad you made it home
Made it in time, the daylight…