"Ahimsa" (Lyric Video One) [03:52]

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The first video for “Ahimsa” appeared shortly after the song was made available for purchase on streaming services. The video was posted to the band’s Vevo page, and their official YouTube site. The video was a simple concept with six hands arranged in a circle, each would open or close displaying all or part of a word, and as they opened your eye would be drawn around the circle to read the lyrics. “AHIMSA” itself was not written on one had but was split among all six hands with each getting a single letter. The video debuted just after midnight, Eastern time on November 22, 2019. It was quickly linked to in a number of press releases and news stories about the song including Rolling Stone.

However, after being up for less than five hours, the video was pulled from YouTube. No explanation has been given as to why the video was pulled, but it has not reappeared at this writing, and indeed, a second lyric video was later released, one that reflected the cover artwork for the song, instead of the dancing hands.

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