"Ahimsa" (Lyric Video Two) [03:53]

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Video Information

This video is the second lyric video for “Ahimsa.” When the song was first released an alternate video was posted for a few hours but then removed. In it’s place a week later, this newer version of the video was released. The video was posted on U2’s YouTube account, and also made available for sale on various online platforms including iTunes. The video uses the first released version of the song for the music.

This video is based on Bono’s artwork used for the single cover, and features close up elements from Bono’s drawing for the cover, animated with lyrics. It opens with Bono’s drawing of a claddagh ring, and then morphs into artwork from the single cover. The hand with the wheel on the palm is an image that symbolizes the vow of Ahimsa and has been used over the years to symbolize the concept. The version used in the video is Bono’s take on the image that is usually used. The word in the center of the wheel on the palm is “Ahimsa”. Throughout the video we see the wheel itself, images of the hand and the lyrics themselves.

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Video Credits

Film Director: Chris Ullens
Film Producer: Duncan Stewart