"All Because of You" [03:34]

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Video Information

U2 on the back of a flat bed truck performing live as they drive through the streets of NYC. The video started filming at 8:30 in the morning, and the flatbed truck moved throughout New York until 4:30 in the afternoon where it crossed the Manhattan Bridge, delivering U2 to their concert venue for the evening in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Filming started at 126th St, and 3rd Avenue. (40.80441, -73.93538)

Other locations along the way included:

  • In front of the Subway at 578N W 125th Street (9:30) [40.81524, -73.95806]
  • 122th and Broadway traveling down Broadway [40.81189, -73.96121]
  • In front of Columbia University (11:15) [40.80796, -73.96383]

The truck continued down Broadway:

  • On Broadway crossing Columbus Avenue [40.77289, -73.98211]
  • Reaching Columbus Circle (11:30) [40.76801, -73.98208]
  • Reaching Times Square at 42nd Street around Noon [40.75582, -73.98639]

The truck then went North again, and swung around to go South on 5th Avenue:

  • 57th and 6th [40.7649, -73.97856]
  • Outside the Armani Exchange on 5th Avenue (1:15) [40.75922, -73.97656]
  • In front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral [40.75881, -73.97693]
  • In front of Maison du Chocolate / The Rainbow Room traveling West [40.75891, -73.97995]

At 1:40 the band was once again in Times Square, and did some further filming there before heading South:

  • In front of the Virgin Mega Store (1:40) [40.75822, -73.9852]
  • Going past Midtown Comics [40.7547, -73.98809]
  • Near Madison Square Garden (2:10) [40.75031, -73.99107]
  • At the 14th Street Subway Station (1,2,3 entrance) [40.73851, -73.99976]
  • Washington Square Park [40.73086, -73.99779]
  • Seen outside East Canal St Jewellry [40.71782, -73.99955]
  • Crossing the Manhattan Bridge (4:25) [40.70666, -73.99025]
  • Final concert Location [40.70429, -73.99343]

Throughout the video the focus is on the band performing, as well as interactions with the crowd, and the response from New York as the band traveled through the city. The screen is split throughout the video so often you can see different scenes at once. The video footage flips back and forth from colour to black and white, to colour scenes with a colour wash placed over them. (i.e. a yellow tint)

The video premiered on the ABC television network on the night of January 4, 2005. The video was aired as part of the half-time coverage of the FedEx Orange Bowl BCS National Championship game featuring USC against Oklahoma. During the broadcast a 2 minute version of the video aired, and the entire video was available to view on ESPN.com at the conclusion of the halftime. The song was also used for a highlights clip showing on ESPN on SportsCenter.

Video Shooting Locations

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Video Credits

  • Directed by Phil Joanou
  • Produced by Jen Jones