"Atomic City" [03:28]

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The image is a placeholder until the full video is released. The video is expected to be released worldwide at one time at midnight Eastern on September 29th (9pm Pacific on September 28.) A preview of the video is expected today via U2.com. The single is expected to be released to audio services at the same time, and had it’s premiere on RTE2FM with Dave Fanning on September 28. A preview of the video was shown on CBS Mornings on September 28 as part of a segment featuring on U2’s upcoming shows at Sphere. (Be warned, the clip linked contains spoilers for the upcoming shows in Las Vegas.)

On September 16, 2023, U2 filmed a new video for “Atomic City” a newly finished song, in the streets of Las Vegas. They returned to the area on Fremont Street where they previously had filmed the “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” for the video shoot. The video was directed by Ben Kutchins, who also directed the Super Bowl announcement video for U2’s shows at Sphere.

The song title is a nickname for the city of Las Vegas given to the city by its Chamber of Commerce in the mid-1940s as the Atomic ages started, hoping to attract tourism to the city. The bulk of the outdoor scenes were shot in front of the Plaza Hotel, which has its own place in the history of the city. Prior to the construction of the casino, it was the location of the first train station in Las Vegas, built in 1906. So the video was filmed at the location many tourists coming to Vegas would see first upon arrival, although it’s quite different looking today. The train station was demolished in 1970.

The footage used in the video also uses footage of Larry Mullen playing with the band on stage at Sphere in Las Vegas, where the band are about to do 25 shows between September and December. Mullen will not be performing at these shows as he is recovering from surgeries, and still has additional surgeries to come. But he is the drummer on the new song, and is featured in the video. Mullen is working on returning to the band full-time, and Bono shares that he can see the path back to health.

Other footage, shot on the back of a moving flatbed truck saw the band moving down to the final video shoot location in the streets of Vegas. Additional footage was also shot of the band members in the area around the final location. More information on the performance for the video is available in our show archive.

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Video Credits

Directed by Ben Kutchins.
Creative direction: Tarik Mikou with Moment Factory Music