"Atomic City" (Music Edit) [03:28]

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This is an edit of the main video release for the song “Atomic City”. The front portion of the video featuring the boy on his bicycle discovering the sphere has been removed for this release, which uses the commercial version of the song.

The main video release had opened with a storyline of a young boy on a bicycle seeing a glowing object in the sky, and sees the Sphere landing in Las Vegas. We hear a brief bit of “Zoo Station” and then switch to scenes from the live performance by U2 in the Fremont Street are. The video ends with a view of the band performing inside of the sphere, and the baby displayed on Sphere saying “this is not a rehearsal.”

This version of the video was circulated for promotion the same day as the main video, for outlets who wouldn’t want to show the version with the longer storyline at the start and end. It begins with the opening drums of the song, just before the shot of the “Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas” sign. The music fades out at the end of the video, and the final shot is the band on stage inside Sphere. The baby displayed on the outside of Sphere is not seen in this video.

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