"Bad" (Tour Video) [07:59]

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Video Information

A live version of the song taken from “Wide Awake in America” was accompanied by a video featuring tour footage from the 1984 European tour.

This video uses the live version of “Bad” taken from the “Wide Awake in America” EP, recorded in London on November 15, 1984. The song was used for promotion of that EP, as well as the tour. The video itself features footage taken from multiple stops throughout the 1984 European Tour. The video was directed by Barry Devlin. The dates used for footage for this video include:

  • Espace Ballard, Paris, France, October 25, 1984
  • Vorst National, Brussels, Belgium, October 27 and 28, 1984
  • Sport Paleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands, October 30 and 31, 1984
  • Brixton Academy, London, England, November 2 and 3, 1984
  • Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland, November 6 and 7, 1984

The audio itself is the audio used for “Wide Awake in America”. “Bad” was recorded at a performance at the NEC in Birmingham UK on November 12, 1984 and produced by Ron Saint Germaine, U2 and Kevin Killen.

Unlike the video for “A Sort of Homecoming” which focused on the tour cities as well as the performance, the video of “Bad” focuses entirely on the performance from start to finish.

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Video Credits

  • Directed by Barry Devlin
  • Produced by James Morris (Windmill Lane)