"Even Better Than the Real Thing" (Fish Out of Water Remix) [04:08]

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Video Information

For Glastonbury, U2 dug into the archives and resurrected “Even Better than the Real Thing”, with a brand new mix of the song. The remix was called the “Fish out of Water” mix of the song, and was remixed for the anniversary edition of Achtung Baby that would follow in the fall. Incorporating the song into the performance of Glastonbury, U2 approached Damien Hirst to prepare a video to back the song. The Third Company who worked on the video lists the following: “U2’s performance at Glastonbury Festival 2011 included a section referencing their ‘ZooTV’ tour. This required the restoration of original video material made for the tour twenty years earlier; including sequences directed by Brian Eno, Mark Pellington and Kevin Godley. A new video sequence was commissioned from Damien Hirst to accompany the opening song, ‘Even Better Than the Real Thing’.”

Bono interviewed about the song and video stated: “ “There’s a mix of it, which is stunning, called the Fish Out of Water remix, which I would like to release as a single. I’m trying to talk some people into it. It has the Damien Hirst thing… He made a very special art work… It’s an extraordinary work of art.”

The backing video was uploaded in full to Facebook for a limited time, but has since been removed. The video linked above uses this original material cut with scenes of U2 performing at the Glastonbury festival. Although intended as a single to promote the release of Achtung Baby for the 20th anniversary, in the end it was not released as a standalone single.

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Video Credits

Direction: Damien Hirst
Science Producer: Anna Campeau
Science Executive Producer: Jude Tyrrell
Post-Production: The Mill
Video Director: Stefaan “Smasher” Desmedt
Content Creative: Luke Halls
Photographs: Damien Hirst