"Get On Your Boots" (Alternate Version) [03:25]

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This video is an interesting one, and is another version of “Get On Your Boots” that it looks like may never have been intended for release. The video includes the exact same, frame by frame footage of the band performing the song “Get On Your Boots” as was used in the Courtes filmed version of the video. This footage was filmed by Alex Courtes in a studio in London. However, in this version, the colours of the band are very different, and it has less of a coloured tint to the footage. This video also makes use of significantly more of the footage of the girl who is in the background of the Courtes video in places.

This video was put together by filmmaker Martyn Pick. The video makes use of a technique called “Ben Day” dots, using rows of dots to colorize an image, similar to how print was done in the 50s in comic books. This video is more reds and yellows than the Courtes version, and uses an entirely different backdrop to the band. The girl seen briefly in the Courtes video, becomes the start of the backgrounds in this video directed by Pick. Scenes of her walking around, and dancing, are intercut with scenes of missiles being fired and tanks rolling in, lyrics, and cityscapes. Later in the video she is seen giant sized stomping on tanks, kicking warplanes out of the sky, and riding missiles through the air.

This video appeared on YouTube on June 4, 2009 with little fanfare and in an account not associated with the band. It could be that this material was leaked by someone who worked on or who had access to the video. The video can still be found on YouTube in various accounts, but Universal Music has launched a copyright claim about the sound being used, and in most cases the sound on these videos has been muted.

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Directed by Martyn Pick