"Get On Your Boots" (Lyric Video) [03:53]

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Video Information

This alternate video to the main “Get On Your Boots” video started as a backdrop for the band’s performance at the Grammy Awards on February 8, 2009. The band worked with long time collaborator Catherine Owens to come up with a video piece to accent their performance at the Grammys. Owens approached the company Loyalkaspar to produce the video. The company was given ten days to put together the animation, in order to deliver it in time for the Grammy Awards, “Two weeks later U2 performed their hit “Get On Your Boots” at the 51st Grammy Awards, backed by 3:00 of original content born from ten sleepless nights and unbridled creative passion.”

The video opens with a countdown over an alternate audio introduction to the song, the numbers are mixed with images of butterflies, “x“s in rows, and then throughout the remainder of the video the lyrics are displayed against graphic images including images of the American flag, the equals sign, silhouettes of a woman, kaleidoscopic colours, Most of the lyrics are simple black text on a single coloured background, although make use of the other images. Not all of the lyrics are included but the bulk are represented. The x’s are meant to symbolie kisses, but transform at times into military barricades. The flag morphs back and forth into the equals signs.

Beat Baudenbacher, the creative director for Loyalkaspar gave some background on the video discussing how the design ideas were initially inspired by drawings from Bono. ‘‘For Bono, the American flag is a very powerful symbol for both good and bad in the world and he wanted it to be a key component in the look.’‘ Adam Jenkins of Union, who did some editing of the video commented, “Loyalkaspar provided amazing material to work with, and it was a very collaborative process. Bono provided a basic plan for the band’s onstage blocking. He wanted the introduction up until the Edge plays his intro guitar lick to be quite manic. When the lyrics came in, he wanted the words to appear on full-colour palets. The chorus, breakdown, intro and outro were our moments to show off; that’s where the band gave us full reign to really push it.”

The video was also edited for use on the Brit Awards, and at other promotional appearances.

We include it here as a video for another reason though, this video was also used for early promotion of the song. Faced with delays for the main video for the song, U2 took this video that was on hand and used it for promotion elsewhere. One such location was at Amazon.Com where the video was available on the page for the “No Line on the Horizon” album. At this writing it is still available there.

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Video Credits

Director: Catherine Owens
Design / Production: Loyalkaspar
Creative Director: Juan Delcan

Director: Catherine Owens
Project: Get Your Boots On video backdrop
Airdate: Feb. 7 ? Grammy Awards

Design/Animation: NOLA Pictures, New York
Creative Director: Juan Delcan

Design/Animation: Loyalkaspar, New York
Creative Director: Beat Baudenbacher
Creative Director: Elliott Chaffer
Project Producer: Melissa August
Associate Producer: Scott Lakso
Designer: Daniel Dörnemann
Designer/2D Artist: Emily Gobeille
Designer/2D Artist: Chris Thompson
2D artist: Ann Kruetzkamp
2D artist: Dennis Cheung
2D artist: Alexandra Stefanova
2D animator: Sébastien Larreur
3D artist: Adam Pearlman
3D artist: Chris Foster
3D Kyle: Kyle Anderson
Technical Support: Steve Renn

Production Company: Rabbit Content, New York
Production Manager: Betsy Blakemore

Editorial/Post: Union Editorial, New York
Editor: Adam Jenkins
Executive Producer: Caryn MacLean