"Get Out of Your Own Way" (Mexico City Video) [03:20]

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U2 filmed a video for “Get Out Of Your Own Way” while in Mexico City for two performances in October 2017. The video shoot started around 5:30pm on October 5, 2017, before the band left the city for their next concert stop. The video shoot ended around four hours later at around 10:00pm. After the filming the band left for the airport. During the four hours they worked on the video, the song was played approximately 25 times according to press reports.

The building used was the Expo Reforma building in central Mexico City. The roof is decorated with traditional style Mexican blankets and other traditional Mexican themes, including dancing skeletons.

The video was directed by Jonas Åkerlund. Anton Corbijn was at the video shoot, and was seen photographing the band but did not direct the video.

In an interview with the Reforma newspaper, The Edge commented on the production of the video, and why they chose Mexico. “We decided to make the DVD (of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017) here as we did PopMart in 1998, and also the video of our new single, because it is important to let the world know the energy of this country is inexhaustible, and fabulous. We want it to be a pleasant surprise. We are going to show a vibrant Mexico, one that is unique and fascinating. When we heard about the earthquake (September 19) we were very sorry and doubted if we should come or not. We had a consensus with our people, and with the people here. We decided we should not cancel, and fortunately we did not. So now we show the world that Mexico is standing and that we are with you.”

The band perform the song in the video while three girls and two guys (under the age of 20) danced among them, with colored burners in their hands, surrounding the band in smoke and multicolored lights.

The video was first officially teased on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on December 11, 2017. It is expected that the video will use the 03:20 radio edit for the video that was recently released to radio. We will confirm this when the video is made public. At this time it has not been announced when the video will be made public.

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