"Get Out of Your Own Way" (Afrojack Remix Video) [04:07]

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Video Information

This video is a re-edited version of the Broken Fingaz’ video used for the album version of the song. The video was released for promotion of the remix of the song in February 2018. The video was not shared on YouTube until May 25, 2018.

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Video Credits

Directed / Design by Broken Fingaz
Video Re-Edit by Eric Jenkins
Editing and Post-Production: Adam Albo
Photographers: (Bangkok): Yona Preminger (London) Will Edgecombe (Haifa) Matan Sivan, Nil Choen, Yaara Agnon, Fima.
Models built by: Roni Adler, Sai Alon, Kip.
Assistants: David, Asfe, Tommy, Cha Caspi, Viki, Machlin, Bar, Manel, Molly, Phil, Teddy, Amit, Gavriel.
Big Thanks to: Shai, Sharon, Quimb, Ale, Rami, Holly, Falafel Sachtein.