"I Believe in Father Christmas" [03:28]

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Video Information

The U2 track was recorded on November 26th, 2008 and the video filmed the same day.

Ned O’Hanlon who produced the video described the recording of the song: “About an hour and a half ago, we got the band upstairs into the studio, from a standing start, ah, the four guys never played, never heard it, didn’t know the lyric, and we have a video in the bag, which is ah, quite extraordinary”. The song itself is a cover of a song by Greg Lake, of Emerson Lake and Palmer. A “Behind the Scenes” look at the filming of the video and recording of the song was released to U2.com subscribers later in the month of December.

The video for the song was shot by Ned O’Hanlon in studio as they recorded the song. The video was released through the RED Wire Magazine, a digitally released magazine which supports the charity organization RED.

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Directed by Ned O’Hanlon.