"Last Night on Earth" (First Night in Hell Mix) [05:52]

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Video Information

One of the remixes of “Last Night on Earth” left U2 fans puzzled. There was little resemblance to the original song. Even more puzzling, is that there exists a video for this strange mix.

The video is filmed in a river, as some sort of craft travels on the river, filming the banks. The first 2:15 of the video is just footage of this trip down the river, and then as the song kicks in we see some quick flashes of other content. A horse, an old building, a balcony, a donkey, more horses, someone on a bike, and then back to more river footage. The remainder of the video is river footage, with the occasional flashes of these other random video clips. The video ends with a sunset as the camera continues to drift down a waterway.

The clip was given to a few dance music programs, but it got little play.

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Video Credits

  • Directed by John Bland
  • Produced by John Bland
  • Edited by John Bland