"Lemon" (Bad Yard Club Remix) [05:11]

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Video Information

This was a video set to the “Bad Yard Club Mix” of “Lemon” and features similar content as the studio version, but no captions on the bottom of the screen.

This video was shot by director Mark Neale in a studio in London in 1993. The video was based on a series of photos by Edward Muybridge from the late 1800’s. Muybridge was an English photographer and his work was a sort of precursor to the motion picture, his photos featured a study of motion. His photos would include multiple images of an object moving, tracking it’s motion through multiple photographs, including animals, men running, etc. These were often photographed against a grid to show the motion. He was also responsible for some early work in motion-picture projection. He also invented the Zoopraxiscope, a device for projecting motion pictures that preceded film. Some of his photographic work was given simple titles such as “a man running,” “man with cricket bat,” etc.

The remix version of the video includes some additional footage that doesn’t feature in the original version.

This version of the video circulated in late October 1993 to music stations, and got heavy airplay in Europe, but very little in North America.

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Video Credits

  • Director: Mark Neale
  • Producer: Debbie Mason
  • Production Company: Kudos Productions
  • D.O.P.: Jason Lehel
  • Editor: Jerry Chater