"Levitate" (Lyric Video) [05:10]

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Video Information

This lyric video was developed for promotion of the 20th anniversary edition of All That You Can’t Leave Behind. The song was a demo developed during the original album sessions, and had been released prior, in 2004 as part of The Complete U2 and also on the fan club only release Medium, Rare, and Remastered. This video is a lyric video, animated by director Alex Joseph.

The video is a series of photographs from around the world, symbols from the original album release, ticket stubs from the Elevation tour and an animated band. It is not clear if the photos from around the world show particular cities for a reason. One theory was that these were cities on the Elevation tour, but some cities are not cities visited on that tour.

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Video Credits

Video Director: Alex Joseph
Video Producer: Holly Williams