"Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way" [04:01]

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Video Information

“Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” is the first music video directed by American photographer David Mushegain. The video focuses on the youth culture in Dublin Ireland, with a strong focus on members of the LTGBQ community in Dublin. We see members of that community through videos that Mushegain has filmed of them, often in couples, but sometimes on their own, or in groups. The footage includes footage shot in homes, in bars, and in the streets. In many of the shots the youth are dancing. Mushegain traveled around the world documenting teenagers through photography which were exhibited at Colette in 2011 in a show titled, “Don’t Call it Cool.” The video was filmed in a number of locations around Dublin, including The Liberties, and St. Stephen’s Green, Killiney Beach, Pantibar on the North Side and other locations. The video was filmed in October and November of 2017, prior to the release of the album.

Although his first music video, this isn’t Mushegain’s first touch with music. It was Mushegain that worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on a book of photographs, Fandemonium, that documents the band’s fan base as the band traveled the globe. That book included concert shots as well as following fans into their homes and worlds to document life beyond the concert experience. Mushegain also did the photographs that were turned into a book for the lyric video for “You’re The Best Thing About Me,” his first project with U2.

Mushegain got involved with U2 while still working on the Red Hot Chili Peppers book as he tells Dublin: “While in Rome, Guy Oseary, U2’s manager and my dear friend reached out and asked if I wanted to come by the show that night as they were also in Rome. I went by and ended up later that night discussing songs and ideas for videos with Guy and The Edge. The idea was in the air that we do something in Dublin as I had shown them some portraits I had did about youth in Dublin. I have been documenting youth culture and style in Dublin for roughly eight years now. When I heard “Love is Bigger” all the dots connected. It just made sense to match up inspiring lyrics with inspiring young creative sould who have great style and great spirits”

On Instagram of the experience, Mushegain said the following:

“Proud to say that my first music video will come out tomorrow. It was so awesome to be able to combine two subjects that are very close to my heart, Dublin youth culture and the LGBTQ scene. Thank you U2 and Guy Oseary for having faith in me. And thank you to all the amazing young people of Dublin for being so awesome and gorgeous and creative.”

The video was filmed with no crew, as Mushegain worried the entourage would take away the intimacy interacting with the youth. The director was familiar with about half of the cast before filming, and although the focus is on LGBTQ youth, many featured are friends or family to youth from that group. Mushegain told Vogue that “Part of the idea that I wanted to convey is that all of them are part of that community, that it’s not exclusionary.”

Mushegain also explained, “I took [the lyrics] really literally. ‘Love is bigger than anything in its way’ is such a strong message, especially when the world is in such turmoil. I think the message is be yourself, but also have some fun in life and expressing yourself.”

The video was first teased on April 26, the day before it debuted on YouTube. The first tease was an image from the video with the word “LOVE” posted to Instagram stories. Every hour, an additional image was added to Instagram stories, with another word from the title. As the last image was posted (a total of eight) a short clip from the video appeared announcing it would debut today.

The video uses the audio from the album version of the song, however there is a female voice heard over the opening scenes as the music starts stating, “You don’t care what other people think anymore, it’s about kinda what you feel about yourself, and what you kinda want to bring to the world.”

A full interview with Mushegain by Vogue Magazine including a making of video feature can be found here. Additional information about the video is also available on U2.Com. Mushegain is currently working on visuals for the upcoming Experience + Innocence tour, starting in Tulsa in five days. He was finishing the work on those visuals this week.

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Video Credits

Directed by David Mushegain
Assisted by Nathan Hughes and Donal Talbot
Edited by Alon Shapiro and Ary Warnaar, New Day Motor CLub.