"Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way" (Beck Remix) [03:39]

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Video Information

This video for the song “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” is produced by the street artist collective, Broken Fingaz. The video is 3:39 in length, and uses the Beck Remix of the song for the audio. The video ends with silence for the last 16 seconds, which accounts for the difference in the time between the video and the Beck Remix (3:23). This video was released through the U2 video channel on YouTube which is usually used for smaller clips from the band, and non-full videos which usually appear on the U2Vevo account instead.

The video was produced by Broken Fingaz. This group had previously worked with U2 on video material for “American Soul,” “Get Out of Your Own Way“, U2’s performances at both the Grammy Awards and Saturday Night Live, as well as some footage used on the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour. Broken Fingaz also produced the video for the “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” (U2 vs Cheat Codes) video. This is the third video issued by the band for the song “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” following the video by David Mushegain (released in April) and the U2 vs Cheat Codes video by Broken Fingers (released in June). As well a number of DJs contributing to the promotional remixes have released their own videos for the song with the permission of Universal, with a combination of original videos (MINDSKAP and David Alvarado) and edits of the Mushegain video (Will Clarke, Daybreakers, Offer Nissim).

Broken Fingaz wrote about the video, “We used two animation techniques we never tried before; the classic animation is made up of 1,200(!) acrylic paintings and for the stop-motion we teamed up with the amazing ZAZ Animation stop motion studio to create a world from plasticine.” The video was made in Haifa, Israel and Bat Yam, Israel.

The video has the usual references to other works by Broken Fingaz, such as a book titled “Galactiko” in the man’s home which was the name of another Broken Fingaz project, a book. A bottle of ink which had been seen in an advertisement in the “Get Out of Your Own Way” video is also on the table. Another book on a shelf reads “BFC” short for Broken Fingaz Collective. The newspaper the man is reading at breakfast, was seen in the “American Soul” video as one of the handbills posted to a wall.

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Video Credits

Song by U2. Remix by Beck.
Video by Broken Fingaz

Stop motion Animation: Zaz Animation Studio, Moran Somer, Ricardo Werdesheim, Yonathan Bereskin.
Stop motion animation and model making: Ricardo Werdesheim, Yoni Bers, Mor An (Thanks to Michal Abulafia and Emlly Noy for their work on additional model making.)
Additional Classic Animation: Gome Alon, Yannay Matarasso, Sefi Gayego
Visual effects & Colour Grading: Ofeq Shemer
Additional Editing: Amiel Kestenbaum
Still Photographer: Yaeli Gabriely
Additional VFX: Tal Baltuch

Produced by Ghostown
Producer: Shai Amsalem
Production Assistants: Tommy Boyarchik, Cha Caspi
Painting Coordinator: Sai Alon
Documentary Footage: Yona Preminger
Additional Modeling: Roni Adler
Dancers: Ofir Yudilevitch, Ayala Frenkel, Hagar Dromi

Painting Crew: David Chevion, Sima Gil, Sia Preminger, Arbel Stainer, Diana Shoman, Talia Shabat, Roland Aziev, Roni Adler, Sharon Amsalem, Nimi Kof Tevet, Gal Hacohen, Reut, Hod, Gilli, Laura, Dora, Hagar, Michal, Anat, Amit, Guy, Daria, Aya, Shani, Liz, Lior, Leonardo, Ada, Keos, Madlen, Hadaya, Hazaya

Special Thanks: Adam Albo, Quimbi, Ru, Dot, Itay Zvolon, Gabi Ben Haim, Gavin, Jenn, Holly, Seth, Falafel Shachtein, Breada, Rami, Pryamida Center, Leonid Haver Yakar, Lenon, Luka.